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A Wonderful Testimonial from a Happy Seller!

Dear Danielle,

Now that the dust has settled I want to take this opportunity to comment on my appreciation for the professional manner with which you handled the sale of my home at 4722 La Noria in Rancho Santa Fe.

From our very first meeting, you helped me focus on what was needed to re-direct the marketing of a home that had been languishing for a year without an offer.

First, you convinced me that you could sell this home and at a price that was consistent with what I believed was true. Next, you convinced me of the value of a major re-staging. Those aspects were a challenge for me and left me feeling overwhelmed. You quickly sensed my struggle and immediately put together a team of organizers and artisans that made that mountain shrink to a mole hill. The whole package worked like a charm- a wonderful experience for me. Rest assured, I will recommend you to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home.

Warm Personal Regards,

Pete LaDow

July, 2018