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Jeff Olson
Mortgage Expert with Cross Country Mortgage
His honesty and communication are some of his greatest strengths in his current role as a Mortgage Expert. He’s always looking at the bigger picture and is extremely in tune with what’s happening in the markets.

He is very talented at educating and building trust with his clients. “Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life and it is important to go in confident and informed,” he says. “Our team prides itself on educating our clients and that is one of the many reasons I enjoy working here.” We’re lucky to have Jeff and his strong work ethic on our team!


Georgia Corona

Transaction Coordinator  

Georgia is a Premier transaction coordinator who is always there to provide support to sellers throughout the whole property transfer process. She pushes things along, helping everyone breeze through the escrow, contingency removal, and closing processes without any hiccups. If any issues come up with the buyer, incorrect paperwork, or concerned third parties, Georgia is on top of it to help everyone through the process.


Jennifer Bryant
Lead Marketing Coordinator

“Creativity, excellence, consistency, and proficiency, Jennifer has the talent and follow through to manage my web presence and marketing venues with ease.”


John Farris

John offers the professionalism and assistance my Team embraces with over 40 years of Real Estate experience. John is also a veteran mortgage lender who specializes in Reverse Mortgages.


Pamela Edwards
Language of Space

Pamela Edwards is an Internationally recognized Feng Shui expert, speaker, author, and educator. She is the CEO of Language of Space, a company established since 2009 that specializes in metaphysics by integrating Feng Shui principles with design solutions to create home and workspaces that enhance business performance and advance personal growth to engage greatness in our lives.